Hyde Park, Kansas City

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Hyde Park, Kansas City in July 2016

Hyde Park is a historic neighborhood and city park in Kansas City, Missouri.


The historic neighborhood is north/south from Linwood Boulevard (32nd Street) to 47th Street and west/east from Gillham Road to Troost Avenue.

Hyde Park was a watering hole for pioneers heading west on the Santa Fe Trail. A stream and a cave with a natural spring made the area an ideal overnight spot for travelers.

The neighborhood's history begins in the 1880s.

Today, the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, a group of Hyde Park residents and business owners, help maintain the area by participating in special projects and landscaping.

City park[edit]

The small neighborhood city park is located between 36th and 38th streets on Gillham Road.

Notable mentions[edit]

Hyde Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places database.

The Bellerive, once a hotel on Armour Boulevard, gained notoriety after opening the Casbah Room, a lounge that attracted headliners such as Billie Holiday and Liberace.

Walt Disney lived in Hyde Park before moving to California.

The landscape architect for the Janssen Place section of Hyde Park was George A. Mathews, who in 1903 designed the residence in the Roanoke neighborhood that became the Thomas Hart Benton Home.


Coordinates: 39°03′23″N 94°34′36″W / 39.0563°N 94.5768°W / 39.0563; -94.5768