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WebSphere Business Events is IBM's implementation of an event-processing engine.

Event processing involves altering the existing server software in an organization to emit events (these are just small messages) whenever a notable event occurs. Event-processing software (such as this software) can monitor these events and look out for certain patterns of interest. This is useful for the prevention of Credit card fraud or for giving executives a high-level view of what's going on in their company (e.g. when share price drops for an extended period of time). For a more detailed description see complex event processing.


The software has components to do the following:

  • Configure sources for Events (for example via HTTP requests, from databases, or from other software)
  • Allow non-IT personnel to define patterns of events (and the timings between these) to trigger actions. These rules use natural language constructors.
  • Allow non-IT personnel to define actions to occur when the defined patterns occur.
  • A runtime which monitors events from the configured sources triggering actions when the defined patterns of events are matched.

How this all works together[edit]


For more details:


WebSphere Business Events was released in June 2008 and is based upon the acquisition of the Aptsoft software.


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