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IRI Achievement Award
Picture of IRI Achievement Award.

The IRI Achievement Award, established by the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) in 1973, is awarded "to honor outstanding accomplishment in individual creativity and innovation that contributes broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society."[1] The recipient is first nominated by an IRI member organization for his or her invention, innovation, or process improvement, and then voted on by a nine-member Awards Committee, led by the immediate past-chairman of IRI's Board of Directors.[2]

The IRI Achievement Award is a bronze sculpture exemplifying the flight of innovation. The artist who designed the sculpture is John Blair. This award is presented each spring during IRI's Annual Meeting and is one of the highest honors awarded by the organization.

List of Recipients[edit]

Year Recipient Achievement
1973 William F. Gresham (DuPont) Instant Color Film
1974 William G. Pfann (Bell Labs) Ultra-High Purity Materials
1975 Maurice R. Hilleman (Merck) Vaccines
1976 LeGrand Van Uitert (Bell Labs)[3] Electronic Materials
1977 Robert H. Wentorf, Jr. (General Electric)[4] Synthetic Diamonds and Cubic Boron Nitride
1978 Frank B. Colton (G.D. Searle & Co.) Oral Contraceptives
1979 Stanley D. Stookey (Corning) Photochromic Glasses
1980 Andrew H. Bobeck (Bell Labs) Bubble Memory
1981 Robert N. Noyce (Intel) Silicon Integrated Circuits
1982 Herbert W. Boyer (University of California)[5] Recombinant DNA
1983 John W. Backus (IBM) FORTRAN
1984 Allan S. Hay (General Electric)[6] Polymerization by Oxidative Coupling
1985 John E. Franz (Monsanto)[7] Roundup
1986 Robert D. Maurer (Corning) Glass Fiber Wave Guides
1987 Howard G. Rogers (Polaroid) Polyolefins
1988 Alfred Y. Cho (Bell Labs)[8] Molecular Beam Epitaxy
1989 Robert H. Dennard (IBM)[9] One-Transistor Dynamic Memory Cell
1990 Leonard S. Cutler (Hewlett-Packard) Cesium Atomic Beam Clock
1991 Victor Mills (Procter & Gamble) Synthetic Diamonds
1992 Richard H. Frenkiel (Bell Labs)[10] Cellular Telephones
1993 Marvin M. Johnson (Phillips Petroleum) Passivating Agents for Catalytic Cracking
1994 Marinus Los (American Cyanamid)[11] Imidazolinone Herbicides
1995 Andrezj M. Pawlak (General Motors)[12] Electromechanical Devices
1996 Stephanie Kwolek (DuPont) Liquid Crystal Polymers (Kevlar)
1997 Simon F. Campbell (Pfizer)[13] Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
1998 James E.M. West (Bell Labs/Lucent)[14] Foil Electret Microphone
1999 Harry W. Coover (Eastman Chemical)[15] Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
2000 C. Donald Bateman (Honeywell)[16] GPWS and Enhanced GPWS
2001 George Beall (Corning)[17] Breakthrough Innovations of Glass
2002 Madan M. Bhasin (Dow Chemical)[18] Industrial Catalysis & Emission Reductions
2003 No recipient
2004 Edith M. Flanigen (UOP)[19] Molecular Sieve Technology
2005 Dennis M. Ritchie (AT&T/Lucent)[20] Unix Operating System
2006 Paul D. Trokhan (Procter & Gamble)[21] Unique Density Paper Structures
2007 Rakesh Agrawal (Purdue University)[22] Cryogenic Air Separation
2008 Dean L. Kamen (DEKA Research)[23] Technologies that enhance quality of life
2009 Ashok V. Joshi (Ceramatec)[24] New applications in Ionic Membranes
2010 Linden S. Blue (General Atomics)[25] Military strategy, energy research, and 2nd Gen. Modular Helium Reactors (MHRs)
2011 Richard Hayes (DuPont)[26] Polyacetal resins, modified polyesters, infrared absorbers, and gas separation membranes
2012 John J. Curro (Procter & Gamble) Solid State Formation Technology
2013 No recipient
2014 No recipient
2015 Charles W. Hull (3D Systems) Stereolithography

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