I Am Jesus

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I Am Jesus
Nightfall - I Am Jesus (cover).jpg
Studio album by Nightfall
Released 2003
Genre Gothic metal
Melodic death metal
Length 51:48
Label Black Lotus
Producer Efthimis Karadimas
Nightfall chronology
Diva Futura
I Am Jesus
Lyssa: Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments
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Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

I Am Jesus is the sixth studio album by the Greek metal band Nightfall, released in 2003 on Black Lotus. The songs were mostly written & arranged by bassist/vocalist Efthimis Karadimas, with the exception of four songs, which were co-written with guitarist Mike Galiatsos, who ironically exited the band during the time of their last album, 1999's Diva Futura.

Track listing[edit]

  • All Songs Written By Efthimis Karadimas, except where noted.
  1. "Death of Neira" 4:32
  2. "The Senior Lover of Diamanda" 4:28
  3. "I Am Jesus" (Karadimas, Mike Galiatsos) 3:34
  4. "A Pale Crescendo of Diamond Suns" 3:38
  5. "Luciferin (What if Men Could Bear Masters?)" 6:02
  6. "Muscat (Darkdark Road)" 3:30
  7. "The Poor Us" (Karadimas, Galiatsos) 3:06
  8. "I’ve Never Dreamt the Life We Share" (Karadimas, Galiatsos) 5:14
  9. "Treasures in Aramaic Tears (Echelon)" 5:49
  10. "Semana Tragica" (Karadimas, Galiatsos) 6:35
  11. "Nightfall" 5:39


  • Efthimis Karadimas: Bass, Vocals
  • George Bokos: Lead and rhythm guitars
  • Bob Katsionis: Lead & rhythm guitars
  • George Kollias: Drums, Percussion

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