I Threw You Away

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I Threw You Away
Studio album by Jandek
Released 2002
Recorded Unknown
Genre Outsider music
Length 49:09
Label Corwood Industries
Producer Corwood Industries
Jandek chronology
Worthless Recluse
I Threw You Away
The Humility of Pain

I Threw You Away is the 32nd album by Jandek, and one of two released in 2002. Corwood Industries release #0770. The album features voice, acoustic guitar and, on two songs, harmonica.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Blues Turned Black – 12:14
  2. It Seems Forever – 7:39
  3. I Threw You Away – 8:10
  4. Frozen Beauty – 11:50
  5. The World Stops – 9:01

Album cover description[edit]

A street in Cork City, Ireland. The cathedral in the distance is the Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne.

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