Telegraph Melts

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Telegraph Melts
Studio album by
GenreRock, folk, outsider
LabelCorwood Industries
ProducerCorwood Industries
Jandek chronology
Foreign Keys
Telegraph Melts
Follow Your Footsteps
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sound Choice #6(favorable) [1]
Away From The Pulsebeat, Winter 1987(favorable) [2]
AllMusic2.5/5 stars [3]

Telegraph Melts is the twelfth album and first release of 1986 by musician Jandek. It was released as Corwood Industries #0750.

Track listing[edit]

2."On the Planes"2:48
3."Go to Bed"2:46
4."Ace of Diamonds"4:43
5."Twenty Four"4:55
6."No Slow Ones"3:00
7."Telegraph Melts"4:04
8."Governor Rhodes"5:06
9."Star Up in the Sky"3:34
10."You Painted Your Teeth"3:04
11."Mother's Day Card"1:37
12."The Fly"3:17
13."House Up On the Hill"2:22
Total length:43:36

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Other uses[edit]

  • Telegraph Melts is also the name of an Arlington, VA based chamber-punk band that recorded on Absolutely Kosher in the late 1990s.[4] The band consisted of Bob Massey on guitar, Amy Domingues on cello, and Devin Ocampo as percussionist.[5] It was in existence from October 1997 until May 2000, during which time they released three albums (two EPs[6] and one LP, Illium[7]).[8]


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