Iași "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra

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Alecu Balş House (1815), where Franz Liszt performed in 1847

The Moldova Philharmonic Orchestra (Romanian: Filarmonica Moldova Iaşi) is a Romanian symphony orchestra located in Iaşi, Romania. The name "Moldova" in the title refers to the historical region of Moldavia.


The concert hall

During the 18 and 19th century, Iaşi, as the main city and capital of the former Principality of Moldavia, had been closely connected to European musical life, and great European musicians used to play in the city. In 1860, Conservatory of music and dramatic art was founded, followed, in 1868, by the Iaşi Philharmonic Society. The first full season of concerts was performed during 1905-1906.[1]

Moldova State Philharmonic, as an institution with permanent artistic activity, held its inaugural concert on 9 October 1942, conducted by George Enescu.[1] Its primary performing venue is located in the former Sacré-Cœur Institute's chapel, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments.[2][3] The main auditorium seats 560, and is named after the conductor Ion Baciu; the second auditorium seats 300, and is named after the composer Gavriil Musicescu.[4]

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