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Igal Ahouvi is an Israeli businessman. He is the Chairman of the Board of Blenheim Properties Group Ltd and of Ravad Ltd. He is a director of Nielsen Innovate Fund. He owns more than £3 billion worth of real estate in Israel, Europe and Vietnam.

He has a degree in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University.[1]

The Igal Ahouvi Art Collection is Israel’s largest private art collection.[2]

He and Delek Global Real Estate bought UK Hilton hotels for £417 million in 2005.[3]

He was involved in a lawsuit against Nicholas 'Beano' Levene in 2007 and appears to have recovered £15 million of shares in Delek Global Real Estate.[4]

He is reported as planning to invest £300 million in the U.K. Care sector having already acquired St Clouds care. [5]


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