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Ihuo is an autonomous community in southeastern Nigeria which is located near the city of Owerri the capital of Imo State. The name of the town is often written and pronounced as Iho. The majority of materials on this community refer to this geographical location as Iho-Dimeze and fondly called "Dimeze" by indigenes. The geographical coordinates are: 5° 34' 0" North, 7° 6' 0" East, geographical location: Ikeduru, Imo, Nigeria, Africa (Maplandia.com).

Iho is the Headquarters of Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state and located near the city of Owerri. Petroleum exploration in Africa started at Iho-Dimeze Ikeduru, North West of Owerri in Igboland by Shell D’arcy in the 1930 and today still holds a very high deposit of Hydrocarbons, that has not being drilled. However, the first commercial oil field was discovered in 1956 at Oloibiri in the Niger delta region of Nigeria see http://www.bioline.org.br/request?jb03021

Iho remains a peaceful cosmopolitan community that has served as home for many non indigenes in the state. An Illustrious Son of Iho Dimeze David commente that in spite of the role played by this community, it has remained largely negleted by various administrations both at the local and state levels. To buttress this point Mazi Obinna Edoziem noted that no son or daughter of Iho Dimeze has been elected or appointed as Ikeduru LG Chairman, or even a supervisor at the LG level either by the military or democratic administrations, despite the fact that Iho is the headquarters of Ikeduru LGA.

Mazi Obinna Edoziem, a patriotic son of Iho Dimeze, The President of Iho Dimeze Family Union, USA includes that Iho Dimeze is made up of nineteen villages, namely: Umuishi, Ishiafor Okpuala, umugamara, Umuakpim, Ndiokwu, Obi-Umuori, Umunomo, Umuejike, Akpaka, Umuechem, Ndiowere, Umushioke, Ezekwenjo, Umudim, Amaokwe-Okpuala, Umudimoche, Amueje, Umuezeala, Umuagwu,. Iho Dimeze shares common boundaries with neighboring towns like Akabo, Uzoagba, Ngugo, Atta, in Ikeduru LGA and Ogwa and Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA. Iho Dimeze has one of the most prominent markets in Ikeduru and Mbaitoli LGAs called "Eke Ije Dibia" now popularly known as "EKE IHO".

Iho Dimeze people are industrious, peace-loving and caring. This can be supported by workers from other LGA and states that find it difficult to leave when transferred to other LGAs. some will even leave their families and still shuttle to and fro work from Iho. Some have gone as far as naming their children "Ihomezie" or "Ihomezirim" meaning "Iho blessed me". They are predominantly farmers, traders and educationists, and shares relationships like marriages, markets, politics, roads, schools and festivals with their neighbors.

Culturally Iho Dimeze is rich in culture and traditions. The late traditional ruler of Iho Dimeze is His Royal Highness Eze Ernest O. Onwuegbu Dimeze 1 of Iho Dimeze. Eze Onwuegbu was the custodian of tradition and culture in Iho Dimeze who ensured that our tradition was preserved and respected. Many years ago the people of Iho Dimeze celebrate "Onwa Asa" and villages like Umuokoro and Umuawom will crown it with the "Orisha festival". These days no one is interested in the festivals no more because it has been over taken by Christianity. In April of every year the people of Iho Dimeze celebrates "Isu Achara Festival" (Bush Burning Festival), when Okpuala and Amararuru Villages will exhibit their traditional right to fix date for the festival and display their masquered dance (Igba Nmanwu). This is a well known festival that attracts visitors and tourists from far and near. Many youths look forward to the festival every year and may travel all the way from Lagos, Port- Harcourt and Aba to participate, observe and have fun. The special delicious food presented to guest is "Ukwa" (Bread Fruit) which is one of the most valuable foods in Igboland. There is also the "festival of Nmanya Ama" or "Nmii Ama" as popularly called. This is celebrated by Amarauru and Okpuala villages.

Institutions: Iho Dimeze has only One Secondary School; Iho Comprehensive Secondary School and four elementary schools namely Iho Central school, Iho Community school, Community Primary School and Iho Primary School. The major churches are Holy Trinity Church, Saint Mary's Catholic Church, St. Monica's Catholic Church, Christ Church Okpuala, Churubim and Saraphim and Holiness Evangelistic Church to mention a few.

Coordinates: 05°34′N 07°06′E / 5.567°N 7.100°E / 5.567; 7.100