Ik River

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Ik River, Iq River
Ik river.jpg
CountryBashkortostan and Tatarstan, Russia
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationBugulma-Belebey Hills
 ⁃ location
Kama, Nizhnekamsk Reservoir
Length571 km (355 mi)
Basin size18,000 km2 (6,900 sq mi)
 ⁃ average45.5 m3/s (1,610 cu ft/s) (near Nagaybakovo)

Ik River (Russian: Ик; Tatar: Cyrillic Ык, Latin Iq; Bashkir: Ыҡ) is a river in Russia that flows north to the Kama River. It flows through the Republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan and through Orenburg Oblast. The left tributaries are Mellya, Menzelya, Dymka, and the right tributary is Usen.

The time difference between Bavly in Tatarstan and Oktyabrsky in Bashkortostan is two hours (Tatarstan uses Moscow Time and Bashkortostan uses Yekaterinburg Time). Therefore, the bridge through Ik (river-border) is jokingly called "the longest bridge in the world".[1]

Ik river

Coordinates: 55°42′08″N 53°22′59″E / 55.70222°N 53.38306°E / 55.70222; 53.38306