Ilkka Villi

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Ilkka Villi
Ilkka Villi.jpg
Born Ilkka Villi
4 August 1975
Occupation Actor, writer, radio journalist

Ilkka Villi is a Finnish actor and writer, best known internationally for his work in videogame Alan Wake. He has done a variety of roles in theatre, television and films.

In addition to his native Finnish language, Villi speaks excellent English and Spanish, due to years living abroad in both North and South America.[citation needed]

Early life[edit]

Before proceeding with an acting career Villi worked as a radio journalist and writer.[1]

Alan Wake[edit]

Villi plays one half of the titular character in the Alan Wake franchise of video games. In the role, Villi played the character during live action sequences, and also provided the model, motion capture, and facial expression capture for Wake.[2]



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