Illowra Battery

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Illowra Battery was an Australian Army coastal battery at Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia, during World War II. It was also known as Hill 60 Battery.[1]


Section post and No. 2 BL 6 inch Mk XI gun, October 1944 and No. 2 position today
No. 1 gun, October 1944 and as it appears today with former gun shield still present

Two large gun emplacements were constructed, housing BL 6 inch Mk XI guns and their shields held in storage from the decommissioned World War I cruisers HMAS Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Two large tunnels were built and are steep in descent and have a small gauge tramway used for hauling shells to the guns located at the 2 gun emplacements.

One of the other tunnels, this time looking downwards with another corridor to the left leading into the bunker complex

A concrete bunker is connected to the underground tunnel system.


Coordinates: 34°29′29.43″S 150°54′58.30″E / 34.4915083°S 150.9161944°E / -34.4915083; 150.9161944