Bradleys Head Fortification Complex

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Coordinates: 33°51′08″S 151°14′47″E / 33.852290°S 151.246360°E / -33.852290; 151.246360

The main firing wall of the Bradleys Head Fortification Complex
Gun emplacement overlooking Port Jackson

The Bradleys Head Fortification Complex is a small fort located on the northern side of Sydney Harbour, just south of Taronga Park Zoo, that formed part of a total defence system for Sydney Harbour and recalls a period when the colony of New South Wales became increasingly aware of its isolation and wealth. The fortification is located on Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, Australia.[1]


Construction of the fort began in 1840-42 and consisted of a gun pit and firing wall that was built out of large blocks of sandstone and carved partly from the original rock that was located on site. The earlier stages of construction during this period were done with the supervision of Major George Barney, a Commanding Royal Engineer who used hired labour that was supplied by Governor Gipps.

In 1871 the fortification received an additional barracks. The barracks were constructed from large sandstone blocks and carved out of the existing rock on the headland. The 1871 barracks were designed and constructed under the direction of James Barnet, a colonial architect. This most recent addition consisted of three gun pits and had connecting galleries for the riflemen. The upgrade of 1871 was complementary to some of the larger fortifications being constructed during the same period on Middle Head, South Head, Georges Heights and Georges Head.

The site is now part of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.


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