In the Fishtank 7

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In The Fishtank 7
EP by Low and Dirty Three
Released May 2001
Recorded Netherlands, November 2000
Genre Experimental, slowcore
Length 30:08
Label In the Fishtank (Konkurrent)
Producer Zlaya Hadzic
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In the Fishtank 7
Dirty Three chronology
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In the Fishtank 7
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In the Fishtank 7
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In the Fishtank 7 features Low and Dirty Three.

In November 1999 Konkurrent invited Low to record one of Konk's in house Fishtank-sessions. Low, being familiar with the series, accepted. In the spirit of 'In The Fishtank' Low took things a step further and extended the invitation to their friends Dirty Three to collaborate on the session which took place when both bands played the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Hear… Good Night"
  2. "Down by the River"
  3. "Invitation Day"
  4. "When I Called Upon Your Seed"
  5. "Cody"
  6. "Lordy"

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