In the Face of Demolition

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In the Face of Demolition
DVD cover
Traditional 危樓春曉
Simplified 危楼春晓
Mandarin Wēi Lóu Chūn Xiǎo
Cantonese Ngai4 Lau4 Cun1 Hiu2
Directed by Lee Tit
Produced by Chan Man
Written by Yu Kon-chi
Starring Bruce Lee
Cheung Ying
Ng Cho-fan
Tsi Law-lin
Music by Yip Shun-chi
Cinematography Suen Lun
Edited by Leung Shing
Poon Chiu
Union Film Enterprise
Release date
  • 27 November 1953 (1953-11-27) (Hong Kong)
Running time
130 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

In the Face of Demolition (危樓春曉) is a 1953 Hong Kong drama film directed by Lee Tit and starring Bruce Lee, Cheung Ying, Ng Cho-fan and Tsi Law-lin. The film was ranked number 18 of the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures presented at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Cast and roles[edit]

  • Bruce Lee as Wah (華仔)
  • Cheung Ying as Lo Ming (羅明)
  • Ng Cho-fan as Leung Wai (梁威)
  • Tsi Law-lin as Pak Ying (白瑩)
  • Lo Tun as Wong Tai-pan (黃大班)
  • Kong Duen-yee as Yuk-fong (玉芳)
  • Gao Luquan as Drunken Immortal (醉八仙)
  • Lee Yuet-ching as Third Aunt (三姑)
  • Law Lan as Nurse
  • Fung Ying-seung as Suave gangster
  • Chow Chi-sing as Rent collector
  • Lai Cheuk-chuek as Mrs. Wong (黃師奶)
  • Wong Cho-san as Second Uncle Tam (譚二叔)
  • Wong Man-lei as Tam's wife
  • Chow Nin-wa as Servant
  • Yip Ping as Wai's wife
  • Lam Mui-mui as Ling-chi (玲子)
  • Mok Hung as Head of dance hostesses
  • Ho Siu-hung as Fourth Uncle (四叔)
  • Ho Pik-kin as So Chi-sing (蘇子誠)
  • Kam Lo as Nurse
  • To Sam-ku as Seventh Aunt (七姑)

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