24th Hong Kong Film Awards

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24th Hong Kong Film Awards
24th Hong Kong Film Awards Poster.jpg
Date 27 March 2005
Site Hong Kong Coliseum
Hosted by Carol Cheng
Lawrence Cheng

The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held on 27 March 2005, in the Hong Kong Coliseum and hosted by Carol Cheng and Lawrence Cheng. Twenty-nine winners in nineteen categories were unveiled, with films Kung Fu Hustle and 2046 being the year's biggest winners. In conjunction with a hundred years of the Chinese cinema, a list of Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures, consisting of 103 Chinese films selected by a panel of 101 filmmakers, critics and scholars, was also unveiled during the ceremony.


Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, and indicated with a double dagger (double-dagger).[1] [2][3][4]


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