Indi Lake

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Indi Lake
Coordinates51°42′00″N 106°30′02″W / 51.70000°N 106.50056°W / 51.70000; -106.50056Coordinates: 51°42′00″N 106°30′02″W / 51.70000°N 106.50056°W / 51.70000; -106.50056
Primary inflowsearthen aqueduct from Lake Diefenbaker
Basin countriesCanada

Indi Lake is a man-made lake in central Saskatchewan, Canada, south of Saskatoon in the rural municipality of Dundurn No. 314.[1] The lake was created, for recreation, in 1967 by a dam located at its south end. The Canadian National Railway crosses the lake.

The lake forms part of the Blackstrap Coulee that is 25 km long and consists of two lakes Blackstrap Lake and Indi Lake that are connected by a small river, with Indi Lake having a more marsh like bottom; both lake beds were farmed during dry seasons prior the dam being constructed.[2]

Dams on the Indi Lake and Blackstrap Lake[edit]

The Blackstrap North Dam (with a height of 10.4 m and length of 1,370 m) is operated by SaskWater and was constructed in 1967; the dam stores water to supply the village of Thode, the PCS Allen potash mine (via the Bradwell Reservoir) and the Mosaic Colonsay potash mine (via the Zelma Reservoir).[3] The Blackstrap South Dam (with a height of 7.9 m and length of 1,116 m) is operated by SaskWater and was also constructed in 1967.

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