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India Science Award
Awarded for Research in science
Location New Delhi
Presented by Indian Science Congress Association
Ministry of Science and Technology (India)
First awarded 2004

India Science Award is the highest and the most prestigious national recognition by the Government of India for outstanding contribution to science. The primary and essential criterion for the award is demonstrated and widely accepted excellence in science. The award covers all areas of research in science including engineering, medicine and agriculture. The prize money is Rs 25 lakhs, and it also carries a citation and a gold medal. The award is announced and presented every year at the Indian Science Congress (ISC).[1]

The award was instituted by the 10th Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003.[2][3] The first award, for the year 2004, was given to a renowned chemist Prof CNR Rao, for his works in solid state and material chemistry, by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the inauguration of the 93rd Indian Science Congress on 3 January 2006.[4][5]


India Science Award was launched at the 90th Indian Science Congress on 3 January 2003, held at Bangalore University, by the Prime Minister of India. On 30 June 2003 the Ministry of Science and Technology (India) approved the framework and guidelines of the award. The meeting was attended by 20 eminent scientists, government officials, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Science and Technology.[6]


India Science Award is given annually in recognition of distinguished achievements in science, including medicine, engineering and agriculture. The recipient is a scientist, of no age limit, who had made a groundbreaking scientific research that is widely demonstrated and accepted, and the work done primarily in India. Originality and innovatory outputs are more important than mere quantity. Contribution to scientific development of the country has a huge impression. The award is not given to groups or institutions. If more than one nominee are eligible in a year, a maximum of two can share the prize.[1]


Year Recipient Field
2004 C.N.R. Rao[2] Solid state chemistry and materials science
2005 to be added -
2006 to be added -
2007 to be added -
2008 to be added -
2009 to be added -
2010 C R Rao[7][8] Statistics


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