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An inflatable arch or air-inflated arch is an inflatable structure that is inflated by an external cold air inflation fan connected to the arch via a tube. Inflatable arches are customarily 10' to 20' high and 15’ to 30’ wide when inflated and often used as entrances to events or as ad space and mile markers for races. Multiple design capability make the arch a very versatile component for multiple event and promotional initiatives. Some of the more popular designs include the tube arch and the block arch both of which can be further customized with three-dimensional protrusions, digital print log art and temporary banner areas.

Inflatable arches are commonly used by professional and amateur sports teams and organizations. Their use started becoming more prominent in the 1980s. The Tour de France utilizes inflatable arches in their event while the 70’ long player introduction tunnel used at several modern day Super Bowls is actually an extension of the first inflatable team arch used by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. Many NFL teams use an inflatable arch for pre game fan fest activities.

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