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Body inflation is the practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one's body, often for sexual gratification. It is commonly done by inserting balloons underneath clothes or a skin-tight suit and then inflating them. Some people have specially made inflatable suits, commonly made from latex rubber, to make themselves bigger all over. One of the best-known examples is Mr. Blowup,[1] who appears in the Deviant Desires book.[2] He wears air-inflated double-skinned latex suits, and has made a number of TV appearances in the UK, including Eurotrash.[3] Sometimes the body is actually inflated also, such as by enema or drinking large amounts of liquid.

One of the most famous examples of body inflation is of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where she swells up into a blueberry after eating an experimental chewing gum.

Other inflatable fetishists generate erotic stories, artwork, video, and audio files to indulge their fantasies. Sexual roleplay is also fairly common, either in person or via online conversation. The notion of the fantasy scenarios ending in popping or explosion is often a divisive topic in the community.[4]

The first inflatable fetish community organized online in 1994, in the form of an e-mail list; as the popularity of online communication grew, so did the online community.[4]

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