Ingeborg of Mecklenburg

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Ingeborg of Mecklenburg
Electress consort of Brandenburg
Countess of Holstein-Rendsburg
Died25 July 1395 (aged 51–52)
SpouseLouis VI of Bavaria
Henry II of Holstein-Rendsburg
IssueGerhard VI, Count of Holstein
Albert II, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg
Henry III, Count of Schauenburg-Holstein
Sophia, Duchess of Pomerania
HouseHouse of Mecklenburg (by birth)
House of Wittelsbach (by marriage)
House of Schauenburg (by marriage)
FatherAlbert II, Duke of Mecklenburg
MotherEuphemia of Sweden

Ingeborg of Mecklenburg (1343/45[1] – 25 July 1395) was a daughter of Albert II, Duke of Mecklenburg and his wife, Euphemia of Sweden. Euphemia was a daughter of Ingeborg of Norway, who was the only legitimate child of King Haakon V of Norway. Thus, Ingeborg of Mecklenburg was Haakon V's great-granddaughter.

In 1360, she married Louis VI "the Roman" of Bavaria; she was his second wife. The marriage remained childless.

After Louis's death, she married Henry II, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg. They had at least four children:


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Ingeborg of Mecklenburg
Born: 1343 Died: 25 July 1395
German royalty
Preceded by Electress consort of Brandenburg
15 February 1360–17 May 1365
Succeeded by