Instruch River

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Country Russia
Physical characteristics
River mouth Pregolya
54°38′52″N 21°47′27″E / 54.64778°N 21.79083°E / 54.64778; 21.79083Coordinates: 54°38′52″N 21°47′27″E / 54.64778°N 21.79083°E / 54.64778; 21.79083
Basin features
Progression PregolyaBaltic Sea

The Instruch (Russian: Инструч; German: Inster; Lithuanian: Įsrutis; Polish: Wystruć) is a river in Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast. It develops northeast of Dobrovolsk (formerly Pillkallen, Schlossberg between 1938-1946) and, along with the Angrapa River, forms the Pregolya near Chernyakhovsk.

Prior to 1945, the river was part of German East Prussia. The town of Insterburg (now Chernyakhovsk) was named after the river's German name, Inster.