Interkosmos (film)

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Directed by Jim Finn
Written by Jim Finn
Starring Dean DeMatteis
Jim Finn
Nandini Khaund
Goran Milos
Ruediger van den Boom
Music by Jim Becker
Colleen Burke
Cinematography Dean DeMatteis
Butcher Walsh
Edited by Jim Finn
Distributed by Facets Multimedia
Release dates
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
71 min.
Country United States
Language German/English
Budget $12,500

Interkosmos is a 2006 film directed by Jim Finn.

Plot summary[edit]

This film is a false documentary about a fictional, top-secret Soviet Intercosmos mission based in East Germany. Two ships are sent out to set up both an industrial colony on Saturn's moon Titan and a recreational colony on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. The film covers the background of the mission, as well as several radio conversations between the leaders of the two separate colonizing missions, the female Seagull and the male Falcon, who are implied to be in a romantic relationship. Besides colonizing the two moons, part of the mission is also to set up an archive of Socialist culture within the vacuum of space. For reasons not explained within the film, the mission fails, and all records of it are either destroyed or hidden away. However, the last scene reveals Seagull and Falcon to be still alive, as they converse about other failed secret Soviet space missions, most of which resulted in the demise of the entire crew.

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