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The International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)[1] was established in 1985 as a joint program of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.

The purpose of the Archive is to document the history of women's involvement in architecture by acquiring, preserving, storing, and making available to researchers the professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, architectural historians and critics, urban planners, and the records of women's architectural organizations. The IAWA collects the papers of women who practiced at a time when there were few women in the field (i.e., before the 1950s) and to fill serious gaps in the availability of primary research materials for architectural, women's, and social history research. As of October 2006 there were over 1,200 cubic feet (34 m3) of materials in the 298 collections in the IAWA, which are housed in Virginia Tech's University Libraries' Special Collections.

As part of its mission to act as a clearinghouse of information about all women architects, past and present, the IAWA also collects and catalogs books, monographs and other publications written by or about women architects, designers, planners, etc. These publications are accessible through the Virginia Tech library's online catalog, Addison.[2]

The IAWA also compiles biographical information. There is information about more than 650 women representing 48 countries and 42 states/territories in the United States available in the IAWA Biographical Database.[3]

Some of the IAWA's resources, approximately 1200 images from 28 collections, have been scanned and are available through the VT ImageBase.[4]

The IAWA is overseen by a board of advisors[5] that includes architects, city planners, industrial and interior designers, librarians, archivists, and faculty from around the world and the U.S. The head of Special Collections or her designee serves as the Archivist for the IAWA and sits on the Board of Advisors and the Executive Board. She prepares a report for presentation to the annual meeting held in the fall of each year at Virginia Tech's Newman Library in the President's Board Room.


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