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The International Boxing Organization (IBO) is a for-profit organization that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards world and regional championships.[1]


The IBO was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Illinois in 1992 by John W. Daddono. The organization was later moved to Florida in 1996 and incorporated in Florida at that time. Ed Levine, who continues to serve as the organization's President became a partner and President of the IBO in 1999.

The organization received acclaim by implementing a computerized system in the late 1990s that removed subjective elements from the ratings in an effort to bring more credibility to the sport. The organization uses Boxrec, the independent boxing records keeping and computerized rankings website for IBO's rankings. Many marquee champions have held and continue to hold the International Boxing Organization World title.

Notable past and current IBO Champions[edit]

Current IBO world title holders[edit]

As of June 18, 2016.

Weight class: Champion: Reign began: Days
Strawweight  Byron Rojas (NIC) March 19, 2016 160
Junior Flyweight  Rey Loreto (PHI) February 1, 2014 937
Flyweight  Moruti Mthalane (RSA) March 15, 2014 895
Super Flyweight  Lwandile Sityatha (RSA) July 18, 2014 770
Bantamweight  Rau'shee Warren (USA) June 18, 2016 69
Super Bantamweight  Paulus Ambunda (NAM) August 1, 2015 391
Featherweight  Lusanda Komanisi (RSA) July 18, 2014 770
Super Featherweight  Malcolm Klassen (RSA) August 5, 2016 21
Lightweight Vacant
Junior Welterweight  Eduard Troyanovsky (RUS) November 4, 2015 296
Welterweight  Tsiko Mulovhedzi (RSA) July 24, 2015 399
Junior Middleweight  Erislandy Lara (CUB) June 12, 2015 441
Middleweight  Gennady Golovkin (KAZ) December 9, 2011 1722
Super Middleweight  Zac Dunn (AUS) June 27, 2015 396
Light Heavyweight  Umar Salamov (RUS) May 21, 2016 97
Cruiserweight  Marco Huck (GER) February 27, 2016 181
Heavyweight  Tyson Fury (UK) November 28, 2015 272

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