International Boxing Organization

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International Boxing Organization
Formation1988; 35 years ago (1988)
PurposeBoxing sanctioning organization
HeadquartersCoral Gables, Florida, U.S.
Region served
Ed Levine
Main organ
Board of Directors

The International Boxing Organization (IBO) is a US based corporation that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards world and regional championships.[1]

It is an independent and well-known organization not recognized by the "big four" governing bodies (WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO), who only recognize each other in their rankings and title unification rules.

It is recognized as a legitimate world championship by the British Boxing Board of Control, the European Boxing Union,[2] BoxRec,[3] and BoxingScene but is unrecognized as such by The Ring magazine.[4]


The IBO was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Illinois in 1992 by John W. Daddono. The organization was later moved to Florida in 1997 and incorporated in Florida at that time. Ed Levine, who continues to serve as the organization's President became a partner and President of the IBO at that time.

The organization received acclaim by implementing a computerized system 'The Independent World Boxing Rankings' in the late 1990s that removed subjective elements from the ratings in an effort to bring more credibility to the sport. From 2014 the organization now employs Boxrec, the independent boxing records keeper and computerized rankings website to produce IBO's rankings.[5] Many marquee champions have held and continue to hold the International Boxing Organization World title.[6]

The IBO permits only one world champion per weight division.[7] "We have never had more than one champion per weight division nor will we", according to its president Ed Levine.[8]

In addition to world champions, IBO recognizes regional champions, including the Inter-Continental champion.[7] If an IBO Inter-Continental champion successfully defends his title three times, he may receive a mandatory opportunity for the world title.[9]

Notable past IBO champions[edit]

Current IBO world title holders[edit]

As of June 2022


Weight class: Champion: Reign began: Days
Minimumweight Ayanda Ndulani May 21, 2021 670
Light flyweight vacant
Flyweight Dave Apolinario July 29, 2022 236
Super flyweight Georges Ory June 30, 2022 265
Bantamweight vacant
Super bantamweight sanctioned
Featherweight Jazza Dickens October 15, 2022 158
Super featherweight Anto Cacace September 24, 2022 179
Lightweight Maxi Hughes September 4, 2021 564
Super lightweight Zhankosh Turarov March 21, 2023 1
Welterweight Daniyar Yeleussinov December 18, 2021 459
Super welterweight Dennis Hogan October 8, 2022 270
Middleweight Gennadiy Golovkin October 05, 2019 1264
Super middleweight Lerrone Richards December 18, 2021 459
Light heavyweight Padraig McCrory October 22, 2022 151
Cruiserweight Jack Massey November 26, 2021 481
Heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk September 25, 2021 543


Weight class: Champion: Reign began: Days
Minimumweight Sarah Bormann May 21, 2022 305
Light flyweight vacant
Flyweight vacant
Super flyweight vacant
Bantamweight Melissa Oddessa Parker June 19, 2021 641
Super bantamweight vacant
Featherweight Amanda Serrano March 25, 2021 727
Super featherweight Alycia Baumgardner November 13, 2021 494
Lightweight Estelle Mossely June 14, 2019 1377
Super lightweight Kali Reis August 20, 2021 579
Welterweight Jessica McCaskill August 15, 2020 949
Super welterweight Hannah Rankin November 5, 2021 502
Middleweight vacant
Super middleweight vacant
Light heavyweight vacant
Cruiserweight vacant
Heavyweight vacant

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