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International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.)
Abbreviation I.O.I., IOI
Formation 1978
Type International organisation
Purpose cooperation of independent ombudsman institutions
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Region served
145 institutions
Official language
English, French, Spanish
Dame Beverley Wakem, DNZM CBE
Main organ
Board of Directors
Website [1]

The International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.) was established in 1978 as an independent global organisation to help more than 150 independent public sector local, regional and national Ombudsman institutions to cooperate. Typically these organizations handle complaints from the public about the public administration in their country, protecting people against violations of their rights.[1]

The International Ombudsman Institute is organised in regional chapters in Africa, Asia, Australasia & Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, and North America. The organisation has three working languages, English, French and Spanish. The General Secretariat is located in Austria, Vienna and is run by the Austrian Ombudsman Board (Volksanwaltschaft) .

The Chief New Zealand Ombudsman Beverley Wakem has been I.O.I. President since 2010, member of the Austrian Ombudsman Board Peter Kostelka has been Secretary General of Institute since 2009.


External links[edit]

  • [2] - Website of the International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.)


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