Trade Unions International of Public and Allied Employees

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The Trade Unions International of Public and Allied Employees is a section of the World Federation of Trade Unions representing public sector workers.


The union was founded at a conference in East Berlin on October 29, 1949 as the International Union of Trade Unions of Postal, Telephone and Telegraph Workers. The name was changed in 1955 during a conference in Vienna, when it broadened its scope to include workers in the health, finance and public administration areas.[1][2]


The TUI-PAE had a three level structure with the Congress being the highest organ, a directive committee meeting between congress and day-to-day activities led by the executive bureau and secretariat based in East Berlin. There were five branch commission for the different sectors of the labor movement the union represented: posts and telecommunications, bank employees, local public servants and public administration.[3]

In 1957 the headquarters for the organization were reported to be at 0.17 Fritz-Heckertstasse 70, East Berlin. In 1978 its address was reported as 47 Französisch Strasse, Postfach 1322 DDR 108, East Berlin.[4] It was reported at the same address in 1985.[5] Its current address is at SRTVS – Quadra 701 – Bloco O – Sala 1512 – Ed. Multiempresarial, Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.[6]


  • 1st Oct. 1949, East Berlin
  • 2nd 1955, Vienna
  • 7th Oct. 11-15 1982, Prague[7]


In 1955 TUI-PAE claimed 6.8 million members were represented at its Vienna congress. In 1977 it claimed 24.1 million members in 104 member organizations.[8] In 1985 this had grown to 29 million in 104 affiliates in 44 countries.[9]

In 1978 the following groups were known to be affiliated with the Trade Unions International of Public and Allied Employees:[10]


The TUI-PAE published a quarterly Public Services in English, French, Spanish and German. It also published Information Bulletin in English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.[11]


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