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Internationale Politik (IP) is the magazine of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für auswärtige Politik (DGAP, German Society on Foreign Relations). It covers contemporary topics in international affairs under editor-in-chief Martin Bialecki.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was initially published as Europa-Archiv in July 1946[1] by DGAP founder Wilhelm Cornides a member of the Oldenbourg family, owners of R. Oldenbourg Verlag, a German publishing house started in 1858 by Rudolf Oldenbourg. It was renamed Internationale Politik in 1995. The magazine is based in Berlin.[1] It has German, English, Russian, and Chinese editions.

In 2002 the publisher was Bertelsmann Verlag.[1] The Russian edition was launched in 1996 and is published every two months. The English edition (launched in 2000) and the Chinese edition (launched in 2005) are both quarterly. In 2009, the German edition changed from monthly[1] to every two months.

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