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Inuyama Castle

The Inuyama Domain (犬山藩 Inuyama-han?) was a feudal domain in Owari Province, Japan. It was not officially designated as a domain by the Tokugawa Shogunate, when major domains were established, but was finally designated a domain in 1868. The domain was controlled from Inuyama Castle, which is located in present-day Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture.


Originally a sub-domain of the Owari Domain, which was ruled by the Tokugawa clan's Owari branch, the Inuyama Domain gained independence when it was recognized in 1868.

Just three years after the Inuyama Domain was officially recognized, the domain system was abolished and the area became Inuyama Prefecture. Three months after that, it was merged into Nagoya Prefecture, which eventually became modern-day Aichi Prefecture.


The Inuyama Domain was controlled by three families: Ogasawara, Hiraiwa, and Naruse.

Ogasawara clan
  1. Ogasawara Yoshitsugu
Hiraiwa clan
  1. Hiraiwa Chikayoshi
Naruse clan
  1. Naruse Masanari
  2. Naruse Masatora
  3. Naruse Masachika
  4. Naruse Masayuki
  5. Naruse Masamoto
  6. Naruse Masanori
  7. Naruse Masanaga
  8. Naruse Masazumi
  9. Naruse Masamitsu

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