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Edyta Invisible.jpg
Studio album by Edyta
Released March 9, 2002
Genre Pop
Label Virgin (EMI Music)
Producer Absolute
Edyta chronology
Live '99
(1999)Live '991999
Singles from Invisible

Invisible is the third studio album and second international album by Polish singer Edyta Górniak, known as "Edyta". It was released in Poland under the title Perła.

Invisible was dedicated to US-American singers Aaliyah and Selena.


After Edyta finished her 1999 Tour and released her first Live album Live '99 she began her work on the second international album.

After her last studio album Edyta Gorniak only included English songs and the last studio album with polish songs was released in 1995, she decided to record some new polish tracks for her polish fans. These tracks were released in 2002 on a special release for the polish market with two discs, called Perła. While the international version Invisible included only English songs was released in 2003.

Production and songs for her next album internationally this time was responsible manufacturer-British team Absolute (production team) composer, who previously worked, among others, Spice Girls and Tina Turner. Wrote most of the material on the album, but the new songs also won developers Kolejní world views: Steve Kipner (including "Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera) and John Reid (such as "When The Heartache Is Over" Tina Turner).

After Perła was released there was recorded another song for the international market by Absolute, the dance song Impossible.

Invisible was recorded in the Olympic Studios in London and in the Royalton Studios in Los Angeles.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Impossible
  2. Sit Down
  3. Invisible
  4. How Do You Know
  5. The Story so Far
  6. The Day Before the Rain
  7. Cross My Heart
  8. Make it Happen
  9. Hold On Your Heart
  10. If You Could
  11. As If
  12. Can't Say No
  13. Whatever it Takes
  14. The Story So Far (Uptempo mix)
  15. Sleep With Me

Polish version (Perła)[edit]

CD 1

  1. Jak najdalej
  2. Obłok
  3. Nie proszę o więcej
  4. Słowa jak motyle
  5. Perła
  6. Mogę zapomnieć Ciebie
  7. Prezenty

CD 2

  1. The Story So Far
  2. Sit Down
  3. The Day Before The Rain
  4. How Do You Know
  5. Cross My Heart
  6. Invisible
  7. As If
  8. Hold On Your Heart
  9. If You Could
  10. Make It Happen
  11. Whatever It Takes
  12. Can't Say No
  13. Sleep With Me

Promo singles[edit]


  • Jak najdalej
  • Nie proszę o więcej
  • Perła
  • Słowa jak motyle


Music videos[edit]

  • Jak najdalej
  • Nie proszę o więcej

The music video of "Nie proszę o więcej" features only Edyta. Edyta is shown in a hall of a building. The video includes close-up views of Edyta and scenes of Edyta with headphones while sitting or lying and Edyta sitting on a chair or dancing. In another scene she is waving with a rag.

  • Impossible
Main article: Impossible

Release history[edit]

  • Poland: 2002 as Perła
  • International: March 31, 2003 as Invisible


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