Ischia International Journalism Award

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Ischia International Journalism Award
Awarded for Excellence in journalism and communication
Country Italy
Presented by Ischia Prize
First awarded 1980

The Ischia International Journalism Award is one of the most important Italian journalism awards. It is organized under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, the Regione Campania, the Province of Naples, the National Federation of the Italian Press and the Italian Order of Journalists.[1] It takes place in the city of Ischia.

The award was founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Valentino (1926 – 1988).[2]


"A recognition to those who have sought and told, over an entire career, his own truth through the means of mass communication. A prize for Ischia that has always been a crossroads of different cultures, a bridge between the cultural tradition European and Mediterranean." So wrote Joseph Valentino when thirty years ago he gave birth to the first edition of the Ischia. And the event has always remained true to the spirit of that time: in thirty years has followed the unfolding of the chronicles of information growing hand in hand with the development of a society where communication has a growing role. And the evidence of this commitment is represented in the roll of gold which contains the main protagonists of the Italian and international media for the last three decades. It was founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Valentino, Ischia journalist in love with his island. An active love, rich in perspective. If, in fact, from the beginning, the Prize has sought to emphasize the importance of the release of information by giving awards to its best brands, value and professional ethics of journalists chosen, he also wanted to draw attention to the place of the award-stage, Ischia. It stood out in recent years to an intense cultural activity aimed mainly to journalism and the relationship between the world of information and other areas of culture and economy.

Awarded journalists[3][edit]

Year Name
2015 Ignazio Escolar penna d'oro Eugenio Scalfari, Ischia Prize Journalist of the Year in print Marco Damilano

Special award - Journalist of the Year TV Nadia Toffa Ischia Prize Journalist of the Year by the sports information Massimo Corcione Special Award Domenico Quirico Communicator of the prize - Massimiliano Tarantino Communicator of the International Prize Tian Wei

2013 Francesco Guerrera
2012 Martin Wolf
2011 Syed Saleem Shahzad
2010 John Simpson
2009 Armando Valladares
2008 Timothy Garton Ash
2007 David Grossman
2006 Jean Daniel
2005 Giovanni di Lorenzo
2004 Jesus Ceberio
2003 Ferruccio De Bortoli
2002 Peter Stothard
2001 Arrigo Levi
2000 Paolo Mieli
1999 Jean Marie Colombani
1998 Candido Cannavò
1997 Indro Montanelli
1996 Eugenio Scalfari
1995 Walter Cronkite
1994 Ezio Mauro
1993 Ugo Stille
1992 Demetrio Volcic
1991 Peter Arnett
1990 Harrison Salisbury
1989 Giovanni Spadolini
1988 Joaquin Navarro Valls
1987 Giulio Andreotti
1986 Enzo Biagi
1985 Alberto Ronchey
1984 Giorgio Bocca
1983 Liliane Palette
1982 Maurice Kettneker
1981 Jean Lewis
1980 Indro Montanelli special awards


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