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Isis is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt.

Isis or ISIS may also refer to:



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  • ISIS Drive, (International Splined Interface Standard) a bicycle bottom bracket interface specification
  • Integrated Sensor is Structure, a project to develop an airship for intelligence use
  • Integrated standby instrument system, a backup instrument display for aircraft
  • Morris Isis, a car by Morris Motors from 1929 to 1931 and a car from the British Motor Corporation in the 1950s
  • Toyota Isis, a seven-seat large MPV manufactured by Kanto Auto Works under contract for Japanese automaker Toyota


  • Isis (ship), a grain ship of Ancient Rome, described by Lucian
  • HMS Isis, several British Royal Navy ships
  • USC&GS Isis, an early 20th-century survey ship

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People with the given name[edit]

  • Isis Casalduc (born 1981), Puerto Rican beauty pageant titleholder and model
  • Isis Finlay (1934–2007), 1954 Miss Cuba
  • Isis Gomes (born 1985), Brazilian model
  • Isis King or Isis Tsunami (born 1985), contestant on America's Next Top Model
  • Isis Nyong'o, Kenyan American media and technology leader in Africa
  • Isis Pogson (1852–1945), British astronomer and meteorologist
  • Isis Taylor (born 1989), stage name of an American pornographic actress
  • Ísis Valverde (born 1987), Brazilian actress

People with the surname[edit]