Dream Island (amusement park)

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Dream Island
Island of Dreams2.jpg
LocationAndropov Avenue, Nagatinskaya Poima, Moscow, Russia
Coordinates55°41′42″N 37°40′36″E / 55.695050°N 37.676692°E / 55.695050; 37.676692Coordinates: 55°41′42″N 37°40′36″E / 55.695050°N 37.676692°E / 55.695050; 37.676692
ThemeFairy tales, Hello Kitty, The Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Soyuzmultfilm characters
Opened29 February 2020; 0 days' time (29 February 2020)[1]
Operating seasonYear-round

Dream Island (Russian: Остров Мечты; Ostrov Mechty) is an amusement park in Moscow, which is planned to open in 29 February 2020 [2].[3]. largest indoor theme park in Europe[4].

The park area will be 300 thousand square meters. The appearance will be in the style of a fairytale castle similar to Disneyland. The park will be separated into 10 themed areas (29 unique attractions) with many rides, as well as pedestrian malls with fountains and cycle paths. The complex will include not only a landscaped park, but also a concert hall, a cinema, a hotel, a children's sailing school, restaurants and shops.

The volume of investments $1.5 billion[5]. the construction of the park began in March 2016.[6] Construction was halted in early 2017 for financial reasons but was re-financed and restarted by late 2017.

There are nine themed zones, four zones dedicated to foreign cartoon “Smurfs ‘ Village”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”, “Hello Kitty”, and five characters created by the artists specifically for the Park. For example, Mowgli in the land of the dinosaurs, the world of Pinocchio and Papa Carlo, the Castle of the Snow Queen.

There are and promenade the streets of world capitals and famous cities of Rome with the Colosseum in miniature, Barcelona with Gaudi’s buildings, London. In the center – Moscow area the size of a footballe field is Europe’s largest glass dome.

Open cafes, restaurants and shops, will work a concert hall and a cinema-multiplex – 17 halls. There is even a Venetian carousel. Surrounding landscape Park of 44 hectares. Urban promenade and Park on the street free access to the ticket only theme Park, but for the whole day. There are benefits and free days for orphans.



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