Issei Noro

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Issei Noro
Born (1957-01-01) January 1, 1957 (age 61)
Origin Japan
Genres Jazz fusion
Occupation(s) Guitarist, songwriter, producer
Instruments Fretted and fretless guitar, vocals
Years active 1977–present
Associated acts Casiopea, Ottottrio

Issei Noro (野呂一生, Noro Issei, born January 1, 1957 in Japan) is a Japanese jazz fusion guitarist who is one of the founding members and the main composer of the band Casiopea.[1] He has released 6 solo albums and a compilation. He also works as an instructor of a guitar clinic, and as a producer. The guitar wizard enjoys to fish, paint, cook, and perform magic tricks during his private time.

In 1983, Yamaha had manufactured a Guitar specifically for Issei Noro, known as the Yamaha SG-IN (I.N. are his initials.)

In 1987, he joined forces with The Square (now T-Square) guitarist Masahiro Andoh and Hirokuni Korekata. They released 2 live albums and 1 studio album under the name Ottottrio, as a side project.

Also, Issei Noro was a guest musician who performed with the Sega Sound Team in 1989.

It was announced on August 1, 2006 that Casiopea will stop its activities until further announcement, since Issei is exhausted from touring and recording nonstop.

However, the Closest to a Casiopea Reunion, is that Akira Jimbo (Casiopea's 1980-1989 and 1997-2006 drummer) is a member of Issei Noro's new band from 2008, "Inspirits". Besides having Noro and Jimbo, the band includes bassist Yuji Yajima, Ohgiya Kento on Electric Piano, and Ryo Hayashi on Keyboards. Inspirits is all musical composition and all arrangement by Noro. The group recorded and released 3 albums until Casiopea reunited in 2012, again, under Noro's leadership. Both Inspirits and Casiopea are now active groups.


Solo albums[edit]

  • Sweet Sphere (1985)
  • Vida (1989)
  • Top Secret (1996)
  • Under the Sky (2001)
  • Light Up (2002)
  • Best Issei (Compilation, 2003)


  • Inner Times (2008)
  • Real Time [Live DVD] (2008)
  • Moments (2009)
  • Smash Gig [Live] (2010)
  • Beauty (2011)
  • Movement (2013)
  • 432H (2015)



  • Super Guitar Session Hot Live! (1988)
  • Super Guitar Session Red Live! (1988)
  • Triptych (1998, re-released as Blu-Spec CD on Dec. 23, 2009)

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