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Studio album by Casiopea
Released May 25, 1979

Studio "A", Shibaura, Tokyo Japan from December 1978 to March 1979.

Power Station Studio, N.Y. United States on February 10, 1979
Genre Jazz fusion
Length 36:28
Label Alfa Records
Producer Kunihiko Murai, Syoro Kawazoe
Casiopea chronology
Super Flight

Casiopea is the debut album of the jazz fusion group Casiopea which was recorded between 1978-1979 and released later that year. The album showed two racecars racing each other on a raceway.

Recorded between December 1978 and March 1979 in Japan, "Casiopea" is Casiopea's self-titled debut album. The album includes the participation of some notable contemporary jazz players as David Sanborn on the saxophone, giving a special touch to Issei Noro's compositions. Tunes like Black Joke are part of the multiple performances and variances along Casiopea's career.

This album was recorded on LP in 1979 as ALR-6017 and years later in 1986 on CD under the 32XA-104 catalog numbers, being the first editions on both LP and CD.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks were written and arranged by Issei Noro except horn arranged by Jun Fukamachi and strings arranged by Hiroki Inui.

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Time Limit" 3:07
2. "Tears of the Star" 4:32
3. "Space Road" 5:14
4. "Midnight Rendezvous" 5:20
Total length: 18:13
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Far Away" 3:55
2. "Swallow" 4:24
3. "Dream Hill" 5:39
4. "Black Joke" 4:17
Total length: 18:15



Issei Noro - Electric guitar (Yamaha SG2000), Acoustic guitar, vocals
Minoru Mukaiya - Fender Rhodes electric piano, Acoustic piano, synthesizers, Yamaha electone, vibraphone
Tetsuo Sakurai - Bass guitar (Fender Jazz Bass)
Takashi Sasaki - Drums



  • "Tomato" strings


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog note
Japan May 25, 1979 Alfa Records 30cmLP ALR-6017 stereo
December 21, 1986 12cmCD 32XA-104
March 21, 1992 ALCA-271
June 29, 1994 ALCA-9001
July 23, 1998 ALCA-9196
May 31, 2000 Toshiba EMI remastered 12cmCD TOCT-24364 LP paper jacket
December 19, 2001 Village Records VRCL-2201 DSD, LP paper jacket
January 17, 2002 VRCL-2221 DSD
May 27, 2009 Sony Music Direct MHCL-20003 DSD, Blu-spec CD, LP paper jacket
February 3, 2016 Music download 1076209054 iTunes Store[1]
4582290414218 mora AAC-LC 320kbps[2]
A1003862605 Recochoku AAC 128/320kbps[3]
Bp5pyuaz4lfka3vcvx5ough23ra Google Play Music [5]
July 27, 2016 4582290418575 mora DSD 2.8MHz/1bit[6]
smj4582290418575 e-onkyo DSD 2.8MHz/1bit[7]
11180 HD-music DSD 2.8MHz/1bit[8]
4582290418568 mora FLAC 96.0kHz/24bit[9]
A1004668200 Recochoku FLAC 96.0kHz/24bit[10]
smj4582290418568 e-onkyo FLAC 96kHz 24bit[11]
11170 HD-music FLAC 96kHz/24bit[12]
November 10, 2016 5ShaVOG8QHOltyWh5ZCxuB Spotify[13]

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