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It Came from Canada is a series of compilation albums, released on Og Music in the 1980s, which featured music by independent, alternative and punk bands from Canada.

The compilations were influential in the evolution of Canada's alternative music scene in the 1980s,[1] regularly charting on campus radio and providing many significant bands, including Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Cowboy Junkies, The Gruesomes and Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, with their first major national exposure.[2] Although no longer widely available, the compilations remain widely remembered as an important historical milestone in Canadian music as one of the first major efforts to actively promote alternative rock bands nationwide.[2]

The compilations attracted some attention from international campus radio as well.[3]

The Og label was disbanded in 1990, ending the compilation series.

The It Came From Canada Archive[4] is a web archive of rare and relatively unknown Canadian music. It covers multiple genres, and has no relation to the Og Music compilations.



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