Og Music

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Og Music
Founded1983 (1983)
FounderTony Dewald
Gerard van Herk
GenreGarage punk
Country of originCanada
LocationMontreal, Quebec

Og Music was a small but influential independent record label based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[1]

The label was established in 1983 by the band members of Deja Voodoo, Gerard van Herk and Tony Dewald.[1] It ceased operations in 1990.


The label started by putting out cassette-only releases, and soon began to release full vinyl LPs. As of 2007 none of these releases has ever been re-released on CD. In addition to releasing material from Deja Voodoo, the label was notable for giving early exposure to groups that would later go on to more mainstream success, such as Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Cowboy Junkies.[1]

Their best selling albums were the It Came from Canada compilations, which featured tracks from many Canadian indie artists of the time — in all, five such compilations were released.[1] None of the album releases made it to mainstream airplay, but regularly charted at various campus radio stations in Canada.

The label was retired when the band members of Deja Voodoo turned 30 and left the music business to pursue other careers.

The record label was named after a fictional caveman character called Og.


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