Ivan V of Ryazan

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Grand Prince Ivan V of Ryazan (Ivan Ivanovich, Russian: Иван Иванович Рязанский) (1496 – 1533 or 1534) was the last nominally independent ruler of Ryazan Principality.

Ivan of Ryazan was the only son of Prince Ivan Vasilievich and his wife, Agrippina Ivanovna. After the death of his father in 1500, he became a nominal ruler under the regency of his grandmother Anna Vasilievna and then, after her death in 1501, of his mother. During the regency, the principality was under strong influence of the Grand Duchy of Moscow. When the Prince grew up, he fall under the influence of the pro-Lithuanian party.

In 1520, Grand Prince Vasili III of Russia invited him to Moscow and imprisoned him immediately after his arrival. In 1521, during the unrest caused by an invasion of the Crimean Khan, Mehmed I Giray, Prince Ivan Ivanovich fled to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where he received the small town of Stakliškės[citation needed] as a lifetime possession. After his escape, the Ryazan Principality was merged with the Muscovy and the Ryazan Governorate (namestnichestvo) was formed.

Ivan died without known issue in Lithuania around 1534.