Brazil Open (golf)

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Brazil Open
Tournament information
Location Brazil
Course(s)Olympic Golf Course
Tour(s)PGA Tour Latinoamérica
FormatStroke play
Prize fundUS$175,000
Month playedSeptember
Current champion
Colombia Marcelo Rozo

The Brazil Open or Aberto do Brasil is an annual golf tournament held in Brazil. It was founded in 1945 and was an event on the Tour de las Américas on several occasions, most recently in 2005. It is now an event on PGA Tour Latinoamérica.

Until the early 1980s, the tournament was a popular stop for many of the world's top professionals, and can boast major winners Sam Snead, Billy Casper, Gary Player, Raymond Floyd, Jerry Pate and Hale Irwin in addition to superstars of South American golf, Roberto de Vicenzo and Ángel Cabrera, amongst its list of champions.

The most successful player remains Mário Gonzalez, who won a total of eight titles, including seven out of nine between 1946 and 1955 (no tournament was held in 1947).

As part of the celebrations of the 500 year anniversary of the discovery of Brazil by Pedro Álvares Cabral, in 2000 the European Tour included the São Paulo and the Rio de Janeiro 500 Year Opens on their schedule. The following year the São Paulo event was again included on the European calendar, and somewhat confusingly titled the São Paulo Brazil Open.


Year Winner[1] Score Runner(s)-up Amateur winner
2018 Colombia Marcelo Rozo 264 (−20) Australia Harrison Endycott, United States Chase Hanna
2017 Mexico Rodolfo Cazaubón 267 (−17) Mexico Óscar Fraustro, Mexico José de Jesús Rodríguez
2016 Argentina Jorge Fernández-Valdés 280 (−4) Canada Corey Conners, United States Brad Hopfinger,
Chile Guillermo Pereira
2015 Brazil Alexandre Rocha 267 (−17) United States Kent Bulle, United States Keith Mitchell
2014 Brazil Rafael Becker 262 (−14) Argentina Ariel Cañete, United States Joel Dahmen
2013 United States Ryan Blaum 265 (−11) Argentina Alan Wagner Brazil Luis Thiele
2012 Argentina Clodomiro Carranza 269 Mexico José de Jesús Rodríguez Brazil Leonardo Conrado
2011 Colombia Óscar Álvarez 275 Argentina César Costilla, Argentina Sebastián Fernández Brazil Pepe Costa Lima
2010 Paraguay Marco Ruiz 269 Brazil Felipe Navarro Brazil Felipe Navarro
2009 No tournament
2008 Brazil Rafael Barcellos 280 Brazil Alessandro Fabietti Brazil Guilherme Oda
2006–07 No tournament
2005 Argentina Miguel Guzmán 275 (−13) Argentina Mauricio Molina, Argentina Eduardo Argiro Brazil Joakim Thrane
2004 Brazil Philippe Gasnier 278
2003 Paraguay Carlos Franco* 281 (−3) Argentina Eduardo Argiro Brazil Ivo Leao
2002 No tournament
2001 Paraguay Carlos Franco 273 (−11) Argentina Miguel Guzmán Brazil Rodrigo Lacerda
2000 Colombia Jesús Amaya 274 (−6) United States Shannon Sykora Brazil Philippe Gasnier
1999 Argentina Ángel Cabrera
1998 Argentina Ángel Cabrera (−19) Argentina Eduardo Romero
1997 No tournament
1996 Brazil Ruberlei Felizardo
1995 Brazil Eduardo Pesenti (Am) Brazil Eduardo Pesenti
1994 No tournament
1993 Brazil Eduardo Caballero
1992 Brazil Ricardo Mechereffe
1991 Paraguay Ángel Franco
1990 United States Bruce Fleisher
Paraguay Pedro Martínez
Shared title
1989 No tournament
1988 Venezuela Carlos Larrain (Am) Argentina Vicente Fernández, Paraguay Pedro Martínez Venezuela Carlos Larrain
1987 No tournament
1986 Brazil Eduardo Caballero 277 England Phil Harrison
1985 England Robert Lee 272 Argentina Eduardo Romero, Republic of Ireland Ronan Rafferty,
Spain Miguel Ángel Martín, Argentina Adan Sowa,
Argentina Horacio Carbonetti
1984 Argentina Vicente Fernández 277 United States Jeff Hart
1983 Argentina Vicente Fernández 275 England Mark James
1982 United States Hale Irwin 265 United States Curtis Strange, Spain Manuel Calero
1981 United States Tom Sieckmann 284 Brazil Jaime Gonzalez
1980 United States Jerry Pate 274 Spain Manuel Piñero
1979 Argentina Fidel de Luca* 270 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo
1978 United States Raymond Floyd 277 Argentina Vicente Fernández, England Steve Martin
1977 Argentina Vicente Fernández 274 United States Lou Graham, Spain Manuel Piñero
1976 Argentina Juan Quinteros* 279 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo
1975 Brazil Priscillo Diniz* (Am) 274 United States Lanny Wadkins Brazil Priscillo Diniz
1974 South Africa Gary Player 267 United States Mark Hayes
1973 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 279 South Africa Dale Hayes
1972 South Africa Gary Player 270 United States Steve Melnyk
1971 United States Bruce Fleisher* 280 Brazil Jaime Gonzalez Jr (Am) Brazil Jaime Gonzalez Jr
1970 United States Bert Greene 276 Argentina Florentino Molina, Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo,
United States Bruce Stanton
1969 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 280 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo Argentina Roberto Monguzzi
1968 Japan Takaaki Kono 282 Japan Kenji Hoshoishi, South Africa Hugh Baiocchi (Am) South Africa Hugh Baiocchi
1967 Argentina Raul Travieso 281 Argentina Jorge Ledesma (Am) Argentina Jorge Ledesma
1966 United States Rex Baxter 277 Spain Ramón Sota South Africa Bobby Cole
1965 Spain Ramón Sota tied United States Gene Littler Brazil R. Falkenburg
1964 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo* 285 Argentina Elcido Nari Brazil N. Sozio
1963 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 279 Wales Dave Thomas Brazil R. Falkenburg
1962 England Bernard Hunt 273 Wales Dave Thomas United States M. Stanovich
1961 England Peter Alliss 272 Brazil Mário Gonzalez Brazil C. Sozio
1960 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 271 United States Mike Souchak Argentina Roberto Benito
1959 United States Billy Casper 268 Brazil Mário Gonzalez Brazil Humberto Almeida
1958 United States Billy Casper 270 Argentina Leopoldo Ruiz Argentina Roberto Benito
1957 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 281 Argentina Leopoldo Ruiz Argentina Roberto Benito
1956 Argentina Fidel de Luca 278 Argentina Antonio Cerdá Brazil Jaime Gonzalez
1955 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 275 Argentina Arturo Soto Brazil Jaime Gonzalez
1954 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 277 Brazil Mário Gonzalez Brazil Jaime Gonzalez
1953 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 270 Argentina Martin Pose Brazil Jaime Gonzalez
1952 United States Sam Snead 267 Brazil Ricardo Rossi Argentina Juan Segura*
1951 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 272 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo Brazil Julian Foster
1950 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 270 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo Brazil Jorge Simonsen
1949 Brazil Mário Gonzalez 269 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo S. Marvin
1948 Brazil Mário Gonzalez (Am) 270 United States Frank Stranahan (Am) Brazil Mário Gonzalez
1947 No tournament
1946 Brazil Mário Gonzalez (Am) 274 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo Brazil Mário Gonzalez
1945 Argentina Martin Pose 275 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo Brazil Mário Gonzalez

(Am) – Amateur


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