Jackson Hole, China

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Jackson Hole
家乡,美国 (Hometown, USA)
Resort town
Coordinates: 40°27′27″N 115°45′48″E / 40.45750°N 115.76333°E / 40.45750; 115.76333
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hebei
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Jackson Hole, Wyoming was the inspiration for the resort town. Though claimed as a clone of the American town, the resort is not an exact replica. The architectural style and artifacts contained though could conceivably be from the original town.

Jackson Hole, China (Chinese: 家乡; pinyin: jiā xiāng) is a resort town in Hebei Province, China about 2 hours north of Beijing, wedged between Taihang and Yan mountain ranges.[1] Its translated Chinese name is "Hometown, U.S.A" (家乡,美国) according to another article, which says that resort towns in the countryside of China are rare and are usually associated with being "agrarian."[2] The locale contains spacious backyards that make the location feel like one from America away from the hustle and bustle of Chinese city life.[3]


The town's inspiration comes from Allison Smith[4] who came up with the idea to replicate the architecture found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the United States of America.[5] According to KIRO-TV, "...[y]ou can find a Jackson Hole in China".[6] The intention of Jackson Hole China according to this article is to design the area to be Americanized. In the 1,000 single home housing development,[7] the theme included designs reminiscent of "... Billy the Kid, Geronimo, Stagecoach Station, Betsy, Big Bear, etc...".[6] Smith had researched various resort locations including Martha's Vineyard, Vail, Colorado, and then eventually Jackson Hole and eventually chose the latter for the design and theme of the resort town.[8] In Smith's research, "... [s]he gathered cowhide, antler chandeliers, saddle blankets, lodge pole chairs, wagon wheels, Navajo rugs, iron light fixtures, wildlife scene fireplace screens, wooden snowshoes, leather throw pillows, horseshoes, Charles Russell prints and plaid curtains, shipping them all to China." [9] Liu Xiangyang who is the Developer of the Community, says his selling point is more than architecture; his buyers want freedom and spirituality, so he has built a Christian church in the center of the community for residents.[10]

Property values[edit]

According to Smith, the properties "... have sold out and nearly tripled in value since being built." [11] As the first model was put up in a Beijing park for display, "... people apparently went nuts for it." [12]

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