Europe Street

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Europe Street
Europe Street/Little Europe/Europetown
Chinese name
Chinese 欧洲风情街
French name
French rue de l'Europe
Spanish name
Spanish calle de Europa

Europe Street (Chinese: 欧洲风情街; pinyin: Ōuzhōu Fēngqíng Jiē) is a government-built theme park in Beijing, China where European culture is on display.

Europe Street is located near Chaoyang Park, and is sponsored by a delegation from the European Commission of the European Union. Cultures represented include: Austria (possibly), Belgium (possibly), Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden (possibly).


A "Europe Street" or "Little Europe" or "Europe Town" also exists in:

  • Chengdu's Tongzilin (桐梓林) neighborhood[1] While officially called "Tongzilin European Culture Street", a source claims that Chengdu's Tongzilin European Culture Street is "... is in European style with European architecture, pools, and porches. Road signs of this street are written in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean."[2]
  • Yancheng as of July 2010[3]
  • Hefei, called the "Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone", which is north of Pearl Plaza, is a "... creative mix of European streetscape, merged into a distinctive European style buildings."[4]
  • Huai'an, known as "Huai'an Square" is a "key municipal project" that is "... located in Huaian Huaihai Road No. 65." The place is described as a "... European and American classic fashion apparel and merchandise with the characteristics of leisure travel." [5]
  • Shenzhen's "Europe Town Shenzhen", which is located in the Nanshen district.[6][7]
  • Luodian, Shanghai, is known as the "North European New Town"

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