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Jaclyn Tsai
Tsai Yu-ling
2015 DAF Taipei Jaclyn Tsai.jpg
Jaclyn Tsai at the 2015 Digital Art Festival Taipei
Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan / Minister of the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission
In office
November 2013[1] – 20 May 2016
Preceded by Luo Ying-shay
Chen Ming-jen (acting)
Succeeded by Lin Mei-chu[2]
Personal details
Born 22 August 1955 (1955-08-22) (age 61)
Nationality  Republic of China
Spouse(s) Lee Chung-Teh
Alma mater National Taiwan University

Jaclyn Tsai or Tsai Yu-ling (Chinese: 蔡玉玲; pinyin: Cài Yùlíng) is a politician in the Republic of China (Taiwan). She was the Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan since November 2013 until 20 May 2016. She dedicated substantial effort to promote e-commerce related laws and industrial development, with the draft Regulations on the Management of Electronic Payment Institutions (third-party payer) passing the third reading at the Legislative Yuan on January 16, 2015 and entering into law on May 3 of the same. The 15 related authorization provisions were completed by the Financial Supervisory Commission on May 3, 2015. Minister Tsai also promoted an amendment of the Company Act to include a new dedicated section on "closed companies". The amendment passed the third reading at the Legislative Yuan on June 15, 2015 and promulgated in September __, 2015. The new language included covers the multiple voting rights of special shares, shares without par value and other new rules to provide greater flexibility to start-ups in determining their shareholding structure. Third, Entrepreneur Visas - the Executive Yuan established the Innovation and Startups Taskforce, which is further split into four separate groups for promoting the plan to transform Taiwan into the Silicon Valley of Asia and where young entrepreneurs may realize their dreams. Among the four groups, the "Start-up Environment Group" is focused on bringing entrepreneurial talent, learning from other countries' experiences and establish the "Entrepreneur Visa" program to incentivize foreign entrepreneurs to come to Taiwan for start-ups, thereby synergizing global creativity with Taiwan's own resources to energize entrepreneurial activities in Taiwan and stimulate economic growth.

Minister Tsai raised the vTaiwan policy discussion forum as built by volunteers from the g0v community. The platform uses questions and discussions to encourage scholars, business operators and the general public to participate in actual conferences which are streamed live over videoconferencing. Each Ministry is responsible to answer posts in the discussion forum so as to collect opinions from a greater variety of sources, thereby improving the quality of policy formation and amendment of existing law, as well as making the implementation of laws and regulations much more responsive and efficient.

CONCURRENT POSITIONS: 1. Convener, E-commerce Development Taskforce, Executive Yuan 2. Convener, Mobile Broadband Service and Industry Development Taskforce, Executive Yuan 3. Convener, Virtual World Law Adjustment Taskforce, Executive Yuan 4. Convener, vMaker Taskforce, Executive Yuan 5. Convener, Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony Organizing Committee 6. Convener, Chung Hsing New Village Innovation Zone Taskforce 7. Deputy Convener, Innovation and Startups Taskforce, Executive Yuan 8. Deputy Convener, National Information and Communications Initiative Committee, Executive Yuan 9. Member, Open Data Advisory Taskforce, Executive Yuan 10. Member, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan

Experience: 1. Founder, Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law (1998 – 2013) 2. General Counsel of IBM Greater China Group (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) (1996 - 1998) 3. General Counsel of IBM Taiwan (1991 - 1996) 4. Judge of Taipei, Shih-Lin, Taoyuan and Chang hua District Courts (1982 - 1991)

MTAC Ministry[edit]

Minister Tsai promoted the inaugurate "Tibetan Cultural and Artistic Festival Activities" in May 2015, during which resources from the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the business community and Buddhist groups are combined to plan activities with three major running themes, including thangka painting exhibitions, public Buddhist prayer, Sanskrit music performances to showcase the Tibetan culture and religious festivals found in Taiwan. The activities have been named by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation as an international event on the Taiwan tourism calendar and have attained international awareness and acclaim through domestic and foreign media reporting.

In November 2013, Tsai stated that Mongolia remains an inherent part of the Republic of China territory.[3][4]

Personal life[edit]

Tsai and her husband possess assets worth NT$ 100 million in Mainland China. Tsai said that all of her assets are legally obtained and she has declared them to the Control Yuan.[5]

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