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Jadawata (also known as Jaravata, Jadavata, or Jarawata) is located near Dudu and Narena in Jaipur district, Rajasthan, India.[1]


It was a fiefdom of two tracts, namely Jadawata and Gangadwadi estates, of the Bhakarsinghot Chief of Khangarot clan of Kachwahas of Jaipur during Mughal and British rule in India. Jadawata Palace is located at Jadawata near Narena in Dudu Tehsil of Jaipur.[2]

Rao Khangar, ancestor of the Khangarots, which comprised one of the Bara Kotri (12 Chambers) of the Kachwaha royal family of Jaipur, married and had issue, 13 sons. He died in 1584. His eighth son, Thakur Bhakar Singh of Sakhun, married ten wives, and had issue, eight sons, the bhakarsinghot subclan. He died in 1633. His son Thakur Dwarkadas of Tilorna, married two wives, and had issue, five sons and their progeny settled in Jaipur district near Dudu, Diggi, Narena, Bichun, Jobner, Boraj, Sali, Sankhoon, Pachewar, Harsoli, Paldi, Sewa, Bhadwa, Tordi, Malpura, etc., there being around 20 Tazimi Nobles (Chiefs or Sardars) and 67 Khas Chauki Nobles which rendered service by horses and sawars amounting to 986 horses in total, and three Mamlaguzar Nobles which only paid tribute.[3]

Rulers of Jadawata[edit]

  • Thakur Lakhteer Singh, Chief of Thikana Jadawata went to battle with Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur (Amber) (1880/1922) and got tax free estate of Gangadwari near Bandikui as prize. He married and had issue, one son.
    • Thakur Kishan Singh ji, married firstly a Rajput lady of Nalu Palace, Tazimi Noble of Kishangarh, he married secondly a Rajput lady of Ladariya Thikana, and had issue, three sons.
      • Thakur Nathu Singh, married elder daughter of the Madhavdasot Mertia Rathore Chief of Thikana Dobri Palace (Rian), and his wife, a Kanawat princess of Amarpura in Mewar. He died sp.
      • Thakur Pane Singh, a generous ruler who took keen interest in development and welfare. He had mastery in the art of ancient Vedic and medicinal knowledge and puppetry. He married Thakuranisa Kesar Kanwar Baisa (the younger daughter) of the Chief of Thikana Dobri Palace (Rian), and his wife, a Kanawat princess of Amarpura in Mewar, and had issue, three daughters.
        • Ba-Sahiba Umaid Kanwar Baisa, married Chief of Kumana Palace, a Noble Thikana of 14 villages located at Lunkaransar Tehsil of Bikaner District of Rajasthan. His father was the A.D.C. to the Maharaja of Bikaner and a special train came from Bikaner for their marriage.[4]
        • Ba-Sahiba Saubhagya Kanwar Baisa, married to the Thakursa of Princely Thikana Narayanpura Palace in Maroth.[5] (Narayanpura Fort, Kuchaman Block, Nagaur, Rajasthan)
        • Ba-Sahiba Maharani Lad Kanwar Baisa [now Rajmata of Maroth], married Maharaja Bijay Singhji Rathore, titular King of Gaudavati (Maroth), one of the 5 premiere Royal Houses of Maroth Kingdom Panch Mahal Maroth, and Chief of Princely Thikana Jiliya Abhaypura (14 villages) of Nagaur District in Rajasthan. (Maroth Fort, Lal-Singh Fort, Shiv Fort, Jiliya Palace in Nagaur District, Rajasthan)
      • Thakur Gopal Singh, last Chief of Jadawata recognized by the Government, married firstly into Mertia Rathore family of Mayapur in Marwar, married secondly into Cheevli in Jaipur, and had issue, 7 sons and 2 daughters.[2]

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