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Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd.
IndustryHandmade Carpet Industry
FounderNand Kishore Chaudhary
ProductsFloor coverings

Jaipur Rugs is one of India's largest manufacturers of hand knotted rugs. Headquartered in Jaipur, India, the company’s operations span across 20+ branches, 6 states and 600 villages in India with distribution to over 40 countries with its independent base of over 40,000 artisans. The company also has a large distribution base in Atlanta, United States.


Jaipur Rugs was founded by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1978, who started the carpet business with two looms.☃☃ Over time he moved to Gujarat and the business operations were expanded primarily in tribal regions. Chaudhary moved to Jaipur in 1999, to launch his independent firm called Jaipur Carpets. Jaipur Carpets was converted to Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd in 2006. At present Jaipur Rugs has businesses in more than 40 countries.

Founded in 1978, Jaipur Rugs revolutionized the carpet industry by creating an entirely new business model - working directly with artisans and uplifting their lives and communities as a result. Since then, they have grown to become a global, award-winning brand, sharing a unique point of view through their range of home décor products.

In 1978, Mr. N K Chaudhary, Chairman of Jaipur Rugs, initiated his carpet business operations with just two looms and 9 artisans. Over time he moved to Gujarat and the business operations were expanded primarily in tribal regions. Chaudhary moved to Jaipur in 1999, to launch his independent firm called Jaipur Carpets. Jaipur Carpets was changed to Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd in 2006. Today, it has converted into a network of 40,000 artisans, spread across 600 villages of India. Starting with a belief in the enormous potential of Indian artisans, he decided to form a company that would showcase this potential to the world, while also upgrading the weaving techniques and lives of the artisans. Headquartered in Jaipur, India and with an international office in Atlanta, USA, Jaipur is committed to pursuing business practices that not only produce beautiful, luxurious carpets, but one that helps its artisans hone their skills in a secure environment. Jaipur presents a selection of over 40 technical variants of rugs woven with the finest yarns.

Jaipur Rugs Foundation[edit]

Jaipur Rugs Foundation is the service arm of Jaipur Rugs Group, which stays connected to the company’s grassroots. It was registered in 2004 under the Rajasthan Public Trust Act with the aim of integrating rural people into its value chain by training them to become home-based artisans and giving them a market for their products. Through the foundation, potential weavers are trained in weaving, hand-knotted carpets using manually operated looms. Now, ready for work, the artisans are independent weavers with the freedom to work for Jaipur Rugs or any other rug company.

Thus, the overall work mandate of the Jaipur Rugs Foundation is to empower the marginalized communities, especially women, living in the un-served and underserved areas. This is achieved by developing their skills, capacities and providing them with a sustainable livelihood option. Such weaving of lives is done through two intertwined verticals: ‘entrepreneurship development’ and ‘social development’. The entrepreneurship development vertical focuses on the economic well-being of the artisan and their communities through skill development and livelihood support. The social development vertical focuses on their social well-being through interventions, awareness generation and linkages. The foundation connects them with literacy and financial education, health care and artisan cards, enabling certified artisans in India to access additional social services. These two complement each other and facilitate the artisans to advance in their development trajectories. The sense of personal worth and recognition worked magically as more and more women artisans were fascinated with this transformation process and decided to be part of this journey. This created a model of ‘Inclusive Growth’ where the women artisans gained financial and emotional stability. Mr. Chaudhary believes that ‘He made the weavers - The weavers made Jaipur Rugs’.


1. C. K. Prahalad included a case study of Jaipur Rugs in his book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid citing it as an example of a social business which helps in tackling world poverty. The Jaipur Rugs Case Study is acclaimed to be the best success story at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Another pillar of the unique business model of Jaipur Rugs is its complex and robust supply chain which has been acclaimed by Harvard and is being further studied to implement in other similar businesses[1]

2. Ongoing international collaborations with world-class designers: Kavi (India), Kate Spade (US), Jenny Jones (Australia), Luli Sanchez (US), The Museum of New Mexico & National Geographic (US).

Awards and recognition[edit]

1. German Design Award Gold & Winner 2018: Bimla Devi, a weaver turned designer with Jaipur Rugs journeyed from rural Rajasthan to Frankfurt, Germany to receive the prestigious German Design Award for her rug, Kamal, along with Design Director, Kavita Chaudhary, who brought home the GDA 2018 Gold Award for her rug, Asthai. Till date, Jaipur Rugs is the only Indian brand to bring home GDA awards three years in a row.

2. German Design Award 2017: After winning the prestigious German Design Award 2016 Jaipur Rugs has garnered German Design Award 2017 (Special Mention: Excellent Product Design), second time in a row.

3. TiE QGLUE, Design-Led Entrepreneurship Award 2017: Won the TiE QGLUE, Design-Led Entrepreneurship Award 2017. The award was announced jointly by TiE and QGLUE (the design venture of QAI).

4. EDIDA Awards 2017: Jaipur Rugs launched the Artisan Originals Collection with the aim of creating a personal connection between rural weavers and the international market. The range that wins their first EDIDA Award 2017 showcases traditional Rajasthani culture, motifs inspired by nature, personal stories and shakkarparas.

5. Carpet Design Award 2017: Jaipur Rugs won the Carpet Design Award 2017 for their latest collection ‘Unstring’ by designer Kavi has become the first ever Indian collection of rug designs to win at the annual Carpet Design Awards 2017 for Best Modern Collection in Hanover, Germany.

6. The Social Media for Empowerment Award: Social Commerce & Enterprise category 2017: Jaipur rugs has adjudged social media award for its recently launched initiative, ‘Unstring a Story’. Unstring a Story is an initiative to bring a traditional connect to untravelled India, home to thousands of women spinners who make some of India’s finest hand spun yarn. Jaipur Rugs celebrates the efforts of these women, strives to sustain the age-old craft, and bring in the true essence of one-of-a-kind in handmade carpets.

4. German Design Award 2016: Won the German Design Award 2016 (Special mention: Product Excellence) and a winner of over 20 awards in the last 5 years for product design and social impact.

5. CNBC TV18 Emerging India Award December 2014: Jaipur Rugs was meritorious in the December, 2014 CNBC Emerging India Awards. This was recognized for the benefit of the society as well as the underprivileged. [2]

6. NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2014: The award was conferred under the ICI led social Innovation by a corporate (Responsible Business) Category. The Honours recognize innovations that creatively leverage Information And Communication Technology to create solutions to address gaps in social development. [3]

7. IndiaMART Leaders Of Tomorrow Awards: It aims to acknowledge exceptional and distinguished products and services of SME’s in building a robust foundation for a company. Jaipur Rugs won "Leaders of Tomorrow 2014" for 2nd Consecutive year under the category Home Décor and Handicrafts. [4]

8. The Times of India Social Impact Award 2012: Mr. N.K. Chaudhary was awarded by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, honourable president of India as the winner of ‘The Times of India - Social Impact Awards-2012’ under the Livelihood - Corporate Category, for providing livelihood opportunities for people living in remote distant areas mostly Under the poverty belt.[5]

9. Carpet Design Award - Domotex 2012: The Rug Ruby Room in Aqua colour, in the designer collection titled CONNEXTION and signed by Jenny Jones and JAIPUR, has been awarded as the Best Modern Design Superior at the Carpet Design Awards (CDA) 2012. The prestigious awards are organized by Domotex, the world’s leading floor covering fair in partnership with HALI and COVER magazines. [6]


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