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Jannie Blackwell
Member of the Philadelphia City Council from the 3rd District
Assumed office
January 6, 1992
Preceded by Lucien Blackwell
Personal details
Political party Democratic

Jannie L. Blackwell is a Democratic politician and member of the City Council of Philadelphia. She has served since 1992, representing the Third District, which covers much of West Philadelphia and Southwest Philadelphia, including University City.[1]

Opposition to Nutter legislation[edit]

Blackwell is notable for opposing certain provisions of pay-to-play and ethics reform bills proposed by then-Councilman Michael Nutter. During a 2005 hearing she stated that minority contractors would be at a disadvantage in bidding for city work if required to disclose campaign contributions.[1] As the lone councilmember to vote against the ethics reform package she noted that placing onerous restrictions on political contributions from firms seeking work would benefit political candidates that are independently wealthy, and that people should be able to contribute to whomever they choose.[2] Blackwell also initially opposed banning smoking in public places in the city.[3]

Other political positions[edit]

In 2004, in order to increase her control over West Philadelphia, Blackwell introduced two bills that would give City Council the power to designate local historic districts, rather than having the process controlled by the City's Historical Commission.[4] She has also at times challenged the role of the University City District in represent citizens' interests over those of the University of Pennsylvania.[5]

Blackwell was a member of the Philadelphia Housing Authority board. In 2010, Blackwell was the lone member of the PHA board to vote against terminating the contract of PHA Executive Director Carl R. Greene for his alleged sexual harassment of four female subordinates.[6]


Ms. Blackwell is the widow of former U.S. Representative, State Representative, and City Councilman Lucien Blackwell. She grew up in Philadelphia, and worked as a public school teacher before her career in politics. Her step-son, Thomas, is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives .

Ward leader[edit]

Blackwell is Ward Leader of the 46th Ward Democratic Executive Committee.[7]


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