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Jarrod Kimber (born 7 January 1980) is a cricket writer who came to prominence as the founder of the cricketwithballs blog. Kimber was the editor of SPIN cricket Magazine in 2011, and is currently working for ESPNCricinfo[1] as their global writer. For ESPNcricinfo he has created many online video shows, like The Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths video series,[2] On the Road, #PoliteEnquiries and Two men out (with Andy Zaltzman ). For a time he co-hosted Cricket Week [3] a show on TalkSPORT 2.

He co-directed and co-wrote the documentary film Death of a Gentleman (2015) that got theatrical release throughout the cricket world and now plays on Netflix. The film won the creators an SJA award for best TV documentary.

Kimber was born and raised in Melbourne and attended Epping Secondary College. He studied film at Footscray City College Film and TV. Kimber moved to London in 2008.

Kimber was a regular guest on online cricket commentary show Test Match Sofa,[4][5][6] He was nominated for Best New Writer in the National Sporting Club Book Awards 2010 for his book Ashes 2009: When Freddie Became Jesus.[7] Kimber has written five other books, 2008: The year of the balls, The lillee of Campbellfield, The Burning Of Joe Root, Australian Autopsy and Test Cricket; The UnAuthorised Biography, while also providing the cover photo for P Diddy's album Last Train to Paris.

Kimber joined the ABC Grandstand radio commentary team for the Australian 2013–14 tour of South Africa and India's tour of Australia in 2014–15.[8]

Kimber has been published in Wisden, Dawn, Livemint, the Telegraph, the Cauldron and many other publications worldwide. He's also a member of the Author's XI.

On May 16, 2018 he announced via his Twitter feed that he was taking a sabbatical from Cricinfo to work as an analyst for the St Lucia Stars.[9]


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