Jason's Tomb

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Jason's Tomb

Jason's Tomb (Kever Yason) is a rock-cut tomb dating to the Maccabean period discovered in the Rehavia neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It has been identified as the burial site of Jason, possibly a naval commander, based on the charcoal drawing of two warships discovered in the cave.

Drawing of ship

An inscription states that Jason sailed to the coast of Egypt. Inside the cave are eight burial niches. To make room for additional burials the bones were later removed to the charnel space in front.[1]

The building consists of a courtyard and a single Doric column decorating the entrance to the burial chamber, topped with a reconstructed pyramid-shaped roof. Among the carved inscriptions in Greek and Aramaic is one that laments the deceased Jason: "A powerful lament make for Jason, son of P.....(my brother) peace ...... who hast built thyself a tomb, Elder rest in peace."[2]

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Coordinates: 31°46.388′N 35°12.788′E / 31.773133°N 35.213133°E / 31.773133; 35.213133