Jason Shrout

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Jason Shrout
Birth name Jason Shrout
Also known as Shrout
Born (1980-10-31)October 31, 1980
Origin Kansas City, Missouri
Genres Hardcore punk
Punk rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums
Years active 1995–Present
Labels Recorse Records
Trustkill Records
Epic Records
Hardware Records
Disgorge Media
Cowabunga Records
Sorry State Records
Associated acts The Excuses
Saved By Grace
Love Is Red
xTime To Believex
Eighteen Visions
Nervous Wreck
Black Mark
Dark Ages
Trial (band)

Jason Shrout (Born October 31, 1980) is an American drummer from Kansas City, Missouri. Jason played drums for Orange County, California's Eighteen Visions (2003–2004),[1] as well as Kansas City metalcore band Saved by Grace (1999–2003), and Kansas City hardcore punk bands Nervous Wreck (2005–2007), and Black Mark (2008). He also did some time filling in on tour with Love Is Red in 2002 when they did not have a drummer.

Prior to forming Saved By Grace, Jason also played in some other lesser-known bands in the mid to late 90's, and also had a couple side projects in the early 2000s that kept him busy when Saved By Grace wasn't on the road. He is artist endorser with Kansas City Drum Company, a custom company he has been with since 2004. As of early 2010, Jason joined Kansas City hardcore punk band Dark Ages. In 2011, Dark Ages released their first LP, titled "Can America Survive?", on Sorry State Records. According to Sorry State in 2014, the band has a second LP that will be coming out TBA.

While still playing in Dark Ages, Jason was seen playing drums for the reunited 1990's Seattle Hardcore band Trial (band) on a west coast tour in the spring of 2012. It is not known if Jason will do any future dates with them.

In early 2013, Jason joined Kansas City metallic hardcore band Renouncer. Also, Nervous Wreck reunited and played one show in May 2014. It is unknown if they are still active or planning anything further.


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