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Jatugriha is a Bengali social drama film directed by Tapan Sinha and produced by Uttam Kumar based on the same name novel of Subodh Ghosh.[1] This film was released on 20 March 1964 under the banner of Uttam Kumar Films Privatet Limited. A 1987 Bollywood film Ijaazat directed by Gulzar, was made on the same plot.[2][3][4]


Shatadal meets Madhuri after a long time in a railway station and their story is narrated through a series of flashbacks. Actually they were happily married couple. Satadal was a successful engineer lived with his wife Madhuri. But day by day their relationship runs into emotional stress due to childlessness. Madhuri cannot bear child and her husband Shatadal is fond of children. Finally the couple decided for a break up. When they meet in a station they realize their fondness for each other hasn't died.



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