Javier Hernández Aguiran

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Javier Hernandez Aguiran
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Born June 13th 1979
Residence Saragossa
Height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Website http://www.voluntadolimpica.com/
Country  Spain
Sport Swimming

Javier Hernandez Aguiran is an armless Paralympic swimmer and sports journalist from Spain who represented the country at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, where he earned a Paralympic diploma with 33 years old. He just started training at the age 30.


Hernandez was born without arms,[1][2] and is from Zaragoza[1] in Aragon.[3] Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from University Autónoma of Barcelona he works as a sports journalist from 2001.[1][4] He is the author of the authorised biography of the ex-Zaragoza stricker Luciano Galletti.[5]

Hernandez won an award at the 2012 Aragonés Sports Gala.[6] In April 2013, he gave a motivational talk to Real Zaragoza before a game against Mallorca. The team, winless in 15 games at that time, went on to win the game, which Hernandez gave full credit to the team for doing.[2][7] He made a speech in the box of honor of the Santiago Bernabeu (October 2013)[8] and another one in the main theatre of Vila-Real[9] in front of 500 persons.


He started training after age 30 and he has won 13 gold medals in different Spanish National Championships and he broke the 150 medley SM3 Spanish record in March 2012.[10] He represented Spain at the 2012 London Paralympics, where he participated in 3 races: 150 medley SM3, 50 breastroke SB3 and 50 backstroke S3. He qualified for the 50 backstroke S3 final, where he finished eighth and earned a Paralympic diploma.[11]